Our 137 student buildings are vibrant and diverse communities of students from all walks of life and from all over the world. We aim to provide a home in which students can feel safe and comfortable and can integrate well into the student and local community.

We know from our research the impact of good social integration on attainment, retention and overall satisfaction. We provide students with a range of helpful content over the summer to help them make a positive transition to living with other students. We ensure that students who book later, for example clearing students, do not miss out on this valuable information.

Students coming from mainland China can view videos on Youku.

A home for success

Our commitment is that we will provide students with a home that supports their success. This includes the basics, such as a strong noise policy, a 24-hour in-house emergency contact centre, pastoral support, and rooms for group and private study.

Our Common Room is packed with articles and videos offering tips and advice on the basics of living away from home, how to stay well and safe, and other student lifestyle articles, some of them created by students themselves. Content is refreshed at least four times a week and is tailored to the academic year.

Students who live with us are encouraged to get involved in university, students' union and local events and opportunities. We offer our own paid work experience schemes and a comprehensive sustainability programme that embeds the NUS Green Impact initiative.

Our student life offer is constantly evolving and we work closely with university partners to tailor the offer to the needs of your students.

Martin Bachmayer, Reservations Manager, Kings College London

“They enable the students to have such a positive experience.”

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