Our commitment to student success

When we partner with you, we are committed to your success and that of your students.

Paloma Lisboa, Campus Operations Director, Kings College London

“The professionalism they apply in dealing with our enquiries really demonstrates their understanding of issues that matter to us. Their ability to cater to our needs in a timely manner is what makes this partnership work so well.”

Accommodation is an important part of any university's offer, and underlines the quality and distinctiveness of the student experience you seek to provide. The accommodation experience can make a measurable difference to overall student satisfaction, plays a role in retention, and underpins academic study. It also provides a place of learning in its own right, where students from all walks of life and different parts of the world live together and learn from one another.

Student satisfaction graph

Meeting your needs

As both a developer and an operator of student accommodation, we can work with you to meet both short and long term accommodation needs for term time, year round, semester based or pre-sessional requirements.

We have worked with King's College since 2011 to help deliver their residence strategy, meeting short term accommodation needs and providing capacity for planned future growth.

We aim to understand your needs and work flexibly with you to deliver the kind of accommodation and the experience that enhances your academic offer.

Karen Burke, Accommodation Manager, Sheffield Hallam University

“We meet regularly and I think we have an open and honest relationship where we can actually speak our minds and if something’s not right, we can tell them.”

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